Thursday, January 19, 2012

Miss Lisa's Pink Paradise...

 As always, I had a wonderful day visiting one of my dearest friends Lisa.
She has written about it here: My Busy Little Life: My Boudoir .What Lisa does to her homes is a amazing, in such a short time and while also trying to manage 3 young, gorgeous and very energetic boys. This is her new bedroom, in her new house. The striped wall is a made up of pale pink, a creamy taupe with black gloss stripes. The other wall in the room are the pale pink. She has created a haven!

You can read Lisa's blog too, 

Lou x


  1. aawwhhh, how sweet are YOU Lou!!!!! Thank you....all the same back to you. xoxoxox

  2. You are most welcome, thought it would be a nice surprise for you! Lou x

  3. I've been loving looking at stat's after you told me about it. I had 125 views on my wardrobe in 1 xx