Friday, January 6, 2012

A 1950's Apricot Kitchen beauty

 Our house was built in the very late 1950's maybe 1959 or 1960 to be precise. When we bought it had the horrid lilac laminate kitchen which was already old and daggy however in good working order, but down stairs in the work room we found a treasure, it was the homes original kitchen. It has its original Bakelite handles and the doors are painted with a thick glossy apricot coloured enamel paint. Although we always guessed it was the homes original kitchen cabinets, it was confirmed when we gutted the lilac one to make way for our new white kithcen, we found traces of where the apricot one had been attached to the walls. 

The bench tops are made of ply wood and have been painted with a green paint effect to mimic the laminate/melamine bench tops of the day. We have enjoyed using the apricot kitchen as storage in the work room and I had planned to make it into a great cubby house kitchen one day it is too cool to not be used.

But sadly as part of my great clean out, we have decided to part with it and hope someone else will adopt it and love it like we have. 
It is for sale on Ebay at the moment, so we will see soon who its new parnets will be.

Lou x

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