Saturday, April 30, 2011

6 chairs go from Little Red Riding Hood to Snow White

Isn't she beautiful? A bit tired and shabby but beautiful none the less.
My Sister and I picked up these chairs several years ago (FOR FREE) from a posh street footpath where they where awaiting the council kerbside collection. There where 7 chairs, all in a bit of a dirty state. It was perfect having 7 chairs as the worst one has been the spare parts chair used to replace broken bits on the other 6.

The chairs have been used on our back deck  for a few years. They where getting a bit yukky to sit on as the paint was really peeling and flaky. So although I loved the red, it was time for a spruce up.

First I took a short cut to sanding them back by blasting them with my new toy: a water blaster. It actually took all the flaky paint right off and cleaned it all in one go. Next I set up a spray booth in the back yard, with the shed and trampoline forming walls. Too many times I've been too eager to start spray painting and hubby has not been happy with white painted grass for weeks.

The final after shots will be revealed soon, they turned out beautifully!