Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Our butterfly roof house - internal shots - the good and the bad

The last month has been so busy for us. We have been working hard at the house whenever we get a spare moment. There are so many things to consider, research and plan. Then trying to coordinate it all to run smoothly is a challenge. Anything that we can do ourselves, we do. But the big things we have hired the professionals for.

So far the professionals have removed the old asbestos roof and reroofed with colorbond shale grey with a new and improved box gutter and insulation. We took 3 full days to then remove the 'textured' the main ceiling which was made form a very strong horse hair plaster/cement. All the work we have been doing has been making the house look worse rather than better. But things soon will start to look so much sweeter, now that a great plasterer has put in a fabulous new ceiling - keeping the original butterfly shape of course. About 5 days left of painting prep, then a painting marathon will follow. I can't wait to show you more as the pretty stuff starts to happen.

These photos are just quick shots of when we first inspected the home and within the first few weeks of us owning it. Some are not pretty, but it's a good record how it really looked.

Short wall dividing the kitchen and lounge

Kitchen and tiles have now been completely removed and a new kitchen ordered

Obviously not the original kitchen. We think it was installed about 12 years ago, ready for tenants.

Loved this door bell speaker the moment I viewed the house. it is no longer wired to anything but will be kept here You can just see the textured main butterfly ceiling.

Damage where the box gutter had leaked years ago before new down pipes were installed.

I am thinking this is an original, complete with grey/lilac paint splatters in the main bedroom.

Also loved the stairs when I first met this house.

Sadly an outside laundry, even though I promised myself my next house would not have that, like my first house. But we have plans in store to fix this, eventually.

Lou x