Our first home

We owned our first home for about 15 years. Purchased when I was 19. We slowly renovated it over all the years as needed, when each child came along and as we could afford.

The front courtyard

A little nook in our study

Our new kitchen with pressed metal walls

The Kitchen - during

The Kitchen - before. Purple laminate - argh. We hated living with that Laminate for about 13 years

The front fence - during 

The front fence - after. Using a salvaged gate.

TV room and main bedroom

This TV room was once a nursery and before that a beauty room and before that our office.

Front entry with my favorite piece of furniture, my green table.

The main bathroom - after

The main bathing - during

The main bathroom - before

If you go back to the early days of this blog, you can read  much more about our first house. Then then about saying goodbye to it here. Lou xo

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