Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our old shed makeover, Before and After


Finally, after intense work we finished the shed, months ago and I wanted to show you
the finished product.

It took about 4 weekends to complete, and it cost about $250 worth of paint. 
We cleaned it thoroughly inside and out, patched then painted the walls with leftover house paint and the gutters in colourbond slate grey.

The mouldy red fibro roof then stood out even more, so in one crazy moment after looking at that shed roof for 15 years, I got up the ladder and started painting. I ran into trouble when I discovered I could not reach any further up and as the roof is brittle, I could not climb up on it. We tried to buy one of those corrugated foam paint rollers, but could not find one. Then I came up with a genius idea: we purchased a cheap $10 indoor broom, that became our paint brush and we could then reach the rest of the roof. 

 What a relief when it was done and it looks so good now and at a fraction of the price of getting a new colourbond roof - 1 quote was for $3500.
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Lou x