Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brick House Update

OK, so the brick house was a no go.
In real life the house was no where near as spacious as I thought it would be and it was at the top end of our budget but it still had so many things wrong with it that we would be renovating forever and it would never be right for us.

So, the hunt continues. We are checking for new houses everyday and driving all over the place to do a "drive-by" to check each one out. We went to another few today, one that I had hoped would be good, was horrific, a chain smoking hoarder lives there, although they had no photos of the inside on the Internet ad, nothing could have warned us for what we saw on the inside of that house. It would be a good by for someone who can afford to bulldoze it immediately without ever having to live in it, but its not for us.

Speaking of horrific houses one of my favorite web-sites when I need a laugh is the American based  . It shows actual current photos from real estate listings in the Arizona area. I love the comments on each photo. It is amazing that people expect to sell homes with photos and presentation like this. Here a few example for the site: 

amplifier amp dolly bedroom Tempe Arizona home house for sale real estate photo
        These Tempe, Arizona home sellers are amped to sell their home. They couldn’t roll them out of the room for the photo?

ugly untrimmed grass weeds pavers extended patio not maintained Phoenix Arizona home

The photo’s caption reads, “extended patio.” And extended grass too. Thank you.

poor bad amateur real estate photo photography picture Mesa Arizona home house
We can see you!

It’s too much work to get out of the car. Tolleson, Arizona.
poor bad amateur real estate photo photography picture Tolleson Arizona home house

Get this…they actually took a picture of an old photo on the computer and used it, instead of right-click-save. Phoenix. (eyes rolling)
poor bad amateur real estate photo photography picture Phoenix Arizona home house

The site is good for a laugh!
Lou x

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'll huff and I'll puff and I wont blow your house down...( because it's made from Brick)

One thing helping me to move on from my old house is the thought of a new house. I really want to build a new home so that we dont have to spend years correcting someone else's mistakes, shoddy jobs and poor colour choices. But I am also open to the possibility of buying a not too old house if it has a perfect layout for us for the next 10-15 years to see the kids through school. I cant wait to go look at an open home this Saturday. It is very different to the weather board cottage I'm used to. It is big brick home. It has some very daggy looking arches inside and I turned to trusty Pinterest for some inspiration on what look I could achieve with it.    
Here is what I found:

I dont think it could look as grand as this, but its good for inspiration anyway
Source: via Louise on Pinterest

This house on Saturday has a fireplace too, just like we always wanted! Again this home looks a lot more grand than the home we will look at on Saturday, but they make for greta ideas.
Source: via Louise on Pinterest
                  Lou x

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Parting is such sweet sorrow (Willy Wonka 1971)

If you know me personally you will well and truly know that 1 week ago we said goodbye to our beloved home of over 15 years for the last time. After much sole searching for the last few years we made the hard decision that it was time to move onto the next new adventure for us as we had outgrown our home. All the renovations prolonged our enjoyment here but we knew that with 2 young kids, it just would not suit us into their growing yeras. Its been a really hard journey for me, so it has been nice to have some respite at Mum and Dads gorgeous Guest House while we take stock of everything and really consider things before we move onto the next ouse. We have been looking every single day at the property market and are ready to pounce when just the right thing comes along.Hopefully it will be a knocker down house in the area so we can build something brand new, but we are carefully considering all options.

  Here is a look back at some of my favourite shots on the blog of the house. Goodbye house, I love you and will never forget you. 

Of course I will continue to blog about all my new adventures!
The Back Deck

This rooms final reincarnation: The TV Retreat

The front entry and ever changing front table ( the table stays with me baby!)

Our salvaged from the footpath front gate and our cute little "helper"

A Turkish Delight scented rose that we planted and view to the courtyard of where we turned a sand pit into a water feature

These selves stayed with the house, put the pretties came with me

Evie's beautiful room will be missed greatly. 

The courtyard in bloom

Our renovated main bathroom

Last but not least another shot of the front entry. In my new home, I will make sure there is a perfect spot for this table.

The house sold within the 2nd week and it was a 30 day settlement, so before we knew it, we had moved out and Im still coming to terms with it all. 

 Lou x

Thursday, April 5, 2012

An enchanting house...( but not for me)

We went and had a look at this amazing house
It was in Original but very well maintained condition

The Laundry was as big as a lounge room

The internal steps painted in fantastic colours

This HUGE window open inwards on a HUGE hinge

The Back Deck painted beautifully

That same window from the inside, perhaps the area used to be an indoor garden as it is stepped down.
I was so excited to look through it and had hoped it would work for us as our next home, but no it was not right for our us. But I hope someone buys it who will embrace the quirkiness if it.

Lou xo