Sunday, May 3, 2015

Our main bedroom is nearly there!

Here is our main bedroom as it is today. I still need to find the perfect small storage unit for the corner of the room, but otherwise the room is all done. We are keeping it fairly minimal and calm. I looked for a few months for real retro bedside tables. I finally found them via eBay, but they needed a very good clean, sand and a repaint. We are loving our room, with it's high angled ceiling and large wardrobes. As a special treat we also got automatic block out blinds. Divine!

One of the finished bedside tables. We chose a very similar turquoise paint to the original, but painted the drawers white instead of yellow, Also see in the before pic that the feet had been painted over, I stripped that paint off by my little trick of soaking the feet in a jar water for a few hours, then just peeling the paint off by hand.


After - same window as above

The view from the bed of my wardrobes!
Lou x