Saturday, March 2, 2013

For you Mum, some virtual frog cakes!

Frog cakes.jpg

Mum and I had been reminiscing about the frog cakes she used to buy us a treat when we were little. In Brisbane they had been sold in Coles and other bakeries when I was a child but now seems very rare / extinct in Brisbane as I have not been able to find them anywhere. But the hunt continues. Please tell me if you find any!
For those who don’t remember them, here is some info on them from Wikipedia: The Frog cake is a dessert in the shape of a frog's head, composed of sponge cake and cream covered with fondant. It was created by the Balfours bakery in 1922, and soon became a popular treat in South Australia. Originally frog cakes were available exclusively in green, but later brown and pink were added to the range. Since then other variations have been developed, including seasonal varieties (such as snowmen and Easter "chicks").
Having travelled to France in the early 1920s, Gordon Balfour, found inspiration for the frog cake in European confectionery.The frog cake was introduced by Balfours in 1922 after Gordon's return to Adelaide, during a time in which tearooms were still popular in the city.
Recognition of the frog cake came in 2001 when it was one of the first items to be selected as a South Australian Icon by the National Trust of South Australia during the 165th anniversary of the state, adding the frog cake to the National Heritage Listing as a "movable asset".
Are they still plentiful still in SA?
Lou x




  1. Yum, those photos have me salivating! The frogs and pigs I remember were beautifully detailed, with a fondant icing covering the body, and a stiffer icing for the eyes, mouths, and pig's tails. The cake base were much thinner. Thanks for the memories, Mum xx

  2. I just hope we can find one to try again one day!

  3. Has anyone found the recipe of the ones that Coles in Brisbane sold?? I also remember hey had the same cake decorated as a pig.