Saturday, May 14, 2011

All fresh and clean... Our new Kitchen

BEFORE, defiantly BEFORE

We have lived in this house for about 13 years and I remember when we moved in I said to myself that the first thing I would change would be the kitchen as it was u-g-l-y. It's a big kitchen compared to the other rooms in the house, it was a pale purple or lilac as I liked to call it and it had Laura Ashley wallpaper originally on all the walls and on the "feature tiles". I don't know the name of the pattern but it was a cute tiny pink flower with green leaves. The problem with the kitchen was that although it looked outdated, it was in perfect working order. So over the years it kept getting pushed to the bottom of our "to do" list. More urgent things came up such as completely replacing the leaking fibro roof, installing a new bathroom as the floor was so rotten under the bath I was afraid to fill it with water.

BEFORE: see my hand painted green tiles, well, it was nice at the time. No proper home for the microwave or fridge.

 So after 13 years the time finally came to where we could not put it off any longer. By then we had renovated almost the rest of the inside of the house and the old kitchen stood out like a sore thumb. The oven was badly rusting, there was never an exhaust fan so cooking steak in winter with the windows closed was a no go, the cupboards where coming off the hinges and we where running out of storage space now that our 2 squirrels had come along. Many years ago we did a quick spruce up of the kitchen so we replaced the floral wallpaper with green wallpaper and painted over the feature tiles, then a few years later we got rid of the green wallpaper and painted it a much nicer white colour and this is what you see in our "before" photos. 

BEFORE: That rusty oven we placed on our footpath with a sign saying "FREE" and it was taken within 24hrs. It saved us a time consuming trip to the tip.

 So now I will give you a sneak peek of the finished product. We are loving it now, but about 6 months ago we wanted to burn the house down as the kitchen reno was a very stressful experience, but just like having a baby you tend to forget about the bad and focus on the good . We went for a very fresh white kitchen, large draws, room for everything with up the the ceiling cupboards, stone benches and a pressed metal splash back which is also a feature wall. I will show you lots more after pics soon and tell you more about what we did.

AFTER, at long last!
 After many years of dreaming, writing list's, collecting and drawing pictures of kitchen, I pretty much knew exactly everything I wanted. After lots of saving and hunting for great deals, this is what we achieved.

Bye for now Lou x

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