Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Kitchen now

 We went with  gloss white draws and cupboards, white appliances, which where actually hard to get as all the sales people tried to convince us that white appliances where not trendy and that black was "in" now. Who cares about trendy, I want white and that's all there is to it. We re-polished the very orange cork floor and added a stain of chocolate brown to it to try to soften down the orange tone. After 3 trips down the coast the the Caesarstone show room and loaded with samples and many months of discussion we chose a medium toned brownish/olive/grey coloured stone rather then pure white. For many years I had wanted white stone put after the arrival of our 2 squirrels I started getting my doubts and I also did not want the kitchen to blind you with it's white-dazzling-ness when you enter. We still question if we made the right choice, but what's done is done and it's not being changed anytime in near future and the colour is extremely practical and blends in well with the black smooth cook top.

Here's hubby painting, at night after the squirrels where in bed. Even though we are exhausted, that is often the only time to do any sort of work that requires concentration.

Oh it was such fun living with no kitchen for 6 weeks!

 There are now homes for everything, the microwave is out of harms way and all new cupboards where installed up to the ceiling so now we have so much more storage. The pressed metal took us another 8 weeks of night time and weekend work to cut it all to size and spray paint it with 4 coats oft gloss "white on white" 1/2 strength by Dulux. We had our critic's of the pressed metal but now that it's in we love it and it wipes clean so easily and it's makes for an amazing feature. I add some colour every now an then with flowers or candles just to mix it up a bit and I am sure it will evolve over time but for now we are really enjoying our fresh, white kitchen.

Lou x

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