Saturday, March 23, 2013

Some beautiful Vintage finds...

I had so much fun going to the local church's garage sale today. They have it twice a year and it was massive and awesome. As per many op shops, some items were excitingly ridiculously cheap, but other things were so expensive, more than buying it new! But half the sales money went to the floods fundraiser, so it's a win win.  The kids used thier own pocket money to pay for face painting, cookies and a go on the jumping castle.
Here is some of what I bought:

Vintage glass pine cone Christmas decorations, 20c!!! I know!. They only had the 2, otherwise I would have bought more.
All of this for $9!! This is what I meant by excitingly cheap!

A silky oak cake stand $2. I know! I could not contain my excitement. This will be used next week for my son's Birthday cake. ( after some cleaning and polishing)

The 4 identical vases were $5 and I have been looking for ages for well priced small vases for displaying single roses in. Bargain!

Lou x

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