Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Half done jobs

Due to the rainy weather, lack of spare time and the fact of having 2 kids, we are noticing we have a lot of half done jobs at the moment. Our side gate that leads to the carport has been rotting away for a few years and the gate has not closed properly for about 10 years. So we just decided to rip half of it down.

This is the result, now we just have to sand the putty and give it a fresh coat of grey paint. 
It actually makes the courtyard look bigger and nicer.

Another half done job that has been stopped from the rain. In a moment of craziness, during a break in the rain, I started painting the roof at 5.30 pm, and now has been looking like this for the past week. Hubby was not that pleased with me. Hopefully, it will be finished soon as we seem to have a break in the rain. 
We have been regretting not getting the shed re-roofed when we got the rest of the house done years ago, but this is a quick and easy solution and it actually looks so much better being gloss grey instead of red/black fibro. 

Unfortunately / fortunately Evie wont be able to 
enjoy climbing and swinging 
on the gate now that it has been removed!

The gate will be up for sale soon on eBay

Lou x
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