Thursday, January 12, 2012

Street Appeal...

Here is Evie "helping" us at the front gate. Amongst many other things on our TO DO list, one of them was to remove the dated paver strip on the footpath and replace it with something a bit more modern and appealing. I have looked for about a year for large, narrow rectangular grey pavers with no luck, so I cam up with an alternative. We have now installed 3 peices of timber instead and transpalted grass between them. This area was always very dry with no grass growing here. Now we are just trying to keep the grass alive in this hot weather so it can grow. I will show you some before and after shots of the area soon.

I am back to work on Monday after 3 very busy weeks off. It has gone too quick, I have had fun though and done so much, yet still have so much more I would have liked to do.
Lou x

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