Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Garden at the moment...

We have re-done the garden next to the front door about 3 times now, as our style changes. This time we have gone for 3 lemon trees with some white flowers in front of them. It a simple look but really pretty and I love looking at it when I arrive home. We have actually already gotten some lemons of the small tress too.

At the side fence we years ago we planted the variegated bougainvillea, it was very slow to grow, so on a few of the bare patches we planted a couple of new ones to add a bit more colour.

Lou x
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  1. So pretty Lou! I LOVE the lemon trees near your door. I'm trying to decide what to plant in the empty garden bed near our front door atm. I swear if I were rich I would be buying more plants everyday. :-)) xxx

  2. Thanks Lisa, Yes, i could buy so many more plants too! I loved your gardenias that you planted out the front, it will smell so nice when they are all flowering! lou xo