Saturday, February 25, 2012

This saved us $270!

We got a quote to get our house cleaned, we normally get it washed about 4 years. For the 1st time we also asked for a quote to get the roofed cleaned as that is about all you can see from the street and the pale colourbond was looking a bit worse for wear. The house quote price was great and we went ahead with that, they did a fantastic job, reaching up into areas we could never have done and the paint now looks shiny and new. But the roof quote was so 'spensive!. It was $270 , just for the visible parts of the roof.

 So after much discussion, weighing up possible falling of roof injuries against saving $270, Danny got up there with his roofers shoes on ( Dunlop Volleys) and scrubbed the roof with sugar soap and a soft broom, in the rain and then hosed it all down. It took under 2 hours and came up a treat. The roof looks brand new again. Thanks Danny, you did a beautiful job!

Lou x
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