Friday, October 26, 2012

May flowers


May Bush

The May bush is one of the most spectacular white flowering shrubs you can have in the garden, but it is even more so when used as a hedge. The name can be confusing as it flowers profusely in September and October in the southern hemisphere but flowers in May in the northern hemisphere.
I have always loved these cute little white flowers as they are like a miniature bouquet. There was one at my childhood home, so it always reminds me of Mum. I used to love picking the flowers and turning them into pretty confetti. My daughters middle name is May, after my Grandmother, but I had really also wanted a flower name as a middle name for her, so this was a nice compromise. It flowers in October, Evie's birth month, so it's a good sign. I purchased one about 15 years ago for our first home and it grew into a huge bush and I am thrilled that this house also has a large bush flowering heavily too.

Lou x
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