Monday, August 5, 2013

Fanciful flowers and vessles for wedding, parties and just for your home.

There are endless beautiful things you can do when you need vases on mass. No need to buy expensive vases in bulk, here are a few of my favorite ideas from Pinterest:

flowers in tea cans
Tea tin

Blush hydrangeas in twine wrapped bottles on the cake table
Sparkling water bottles

flowers in cafe au lait bowls
Bowls and mugs
No need to buy too many expensive flowers, just buy a few bunches and divide them up!

spray paint ordinary cans with metallic paint and cluster. Table decor
Tin cans spray painted with metallic spray paint.

Yellow white flowers for wedding table centerpieces
Tea pots

Metallic Painted Mason Jars.
Metallic spray painted glass jars

flowers in vintage bottles, select a vase and take it to your table with you
An large collection of various clear glass bottles

simple arrangement in a jam jar
A pretty jam jar
Lou x

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