Sunday, February 24, 2013

The evolution our green entry table...

This is my most loved item of furniture that I own. My sister and I found it one day in about 2005, on the footpath, waiting to be thrown out. It did not look like this, it was covered in contact. But we could see the gorgeous green legs and knew it would be amazing. I sanded and varnished the top and just lightly sanded the green paint, then waxed it and put on new emerald green glass handles that I found for $5.00 each on sale at a little gift shop in Noosa, what luck!

Here have a look at how this table has evolved with us over the years.

 I don't think I would ever part with it.

Straight after our major reno of the house in our new entry foyer

Evie's 3rd birthday 'tiny party' mini lolly shop, take home treats.

Dressed for our first open home

One of our last parties in our 1st home

I could cry. All packed up and in storage for the move.

We have moved into our new home.

DIY scoop your own take home lolly bag for Evie's 4th birthday
The evolution continues...
Lou x

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