Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Snow White Bathroom Makeover

This is our bathroom, I have given it a quick spruce up so it is bearable for the next 12 months.
 It had bold feature tiles before, I prefer a much more subdued look.
I spent $50 on a special tile under coat and paint, lightly sanded the tiles, then painted 3 coats on over 3 days. DONE.
See me peeking the camera around the corner? I ordered name stickers off the net and applied them to above each of the towel rails. Total price of stickers, custom made $10.20.( including postage!)

BEFORE: I'm sure those tiles where considered nice at some stage.
 I also removed the brand name sticker attached to the far right of the bench.


One great feature of this bathroom is the fact that it has 4 full width towel rails, no more wet towels again and with our name added, no more accidentally using the wrong towel.

A very quick, easy and cheap makeover.
Lou x