Monday, March 19, 2012

My reading nook...

This is a little corner of our study. The cane chair was part of a set that my parents had years ago. They gave it to us when I first moved out of home and we used it as our lounge chairs for many years. That would make it at least 20 years old! During our mass de-clutter, I finally sold of the rest of the set but kept just this one chair and painted it white. Its a cozy little corner that I just sit in and read sometimes when I need to escape the noise of the TV and the kids. The square picture box is from IKEA, placed inside a servery which is no longer used. It contains sentimental things such as my Nans metal travel cups, Eiffel towers we bought in Paris, Nans perfume filled yellow Avon bird and a shell we got on holiday when I was child from the Solomon Islands.

Its the right kind of weather to be snuggled up under a blanket reading at the moment .

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