Friday, March 23, 2012

Enchanting Artwork on a budget

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Original water colour painted by my Great Uncle 
Purchased for $10 from the council Tip Shop. I painted the frame white. Original oil colour.
Original pencil drawing. Purchased for $8 from the local church thrift shop.
Original oil painting from my Nan's house, possibly painted by an old neighbour of hers.
Original water colour , purchased from a lifeline shop for $7, I painted the frame white.
All these artworks pulled together really add to my blue, white and green theme. They were not expensive, so I don't have to be too serious about it. If I get bored of it one day, it can be changed for something else (but I don't think I will ever get bored with them as I love them so much!)  
Lou x
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  1. I love them too! It's a great collection and it makes a favourite corner of your house for me. You will have to recreate it at your new one.