Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sparkly fairy dust and other pretty things..

I had the absolute pleasure of attending 2 beautiful parties and the school fete all in 1 weekend.

First of was the school fete, which was a fun but whirlwind visit. My baking  was for the coffee and cake stall.

 Lemon cupcakes and Berry Lemon Cake


The divine cake pops with very pretty shimmering sprinkles

A very pretty and girly 1st Birthday Party for twin girls. There where many delicious delights and everything was done so beautifully. The twins Mummy has the most beautiful style and made all the food herself, everything looked so pretty. There was also a lolly buffet for our take home goodies.

Then the next day we attended a 1st birthday and Naming Ceremony. It was a beautiful experience. It was held at a house in the hinterland that is normally used for weddings, there was the beautiful ceremony, then a sit down high tea, a chocolate fountain buffets and a lolly buffet.

I know, 2 lolly buffets in 2 days!!! How lucky was I??
More photos of the events coming soon.
Bye for now, Lou x

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