Thursday, January 31, 2013

Before & After: Our main bedroom quick make-over on a budget

The finished room
Before: Mouldy ceilings, more than a normal amount of cat pictures, old carpet with animal hair all through it.

Curtains added by seller awaiting us upon purchase
As seen in the real estate ad.

After: Completely scrubbed clean, new charcoal carpet, recycled charcoal curtains from another room, our bed spray painted white by me, (with left over paint) and a new bedspread. All art work is re-used from the old house.

After: Mother of pearl art work made by me years ago for for last home
A few special touches added from mine and my family's trips overseas.


During, carpet removal. I considered just painting the floor gloss white but there is a massive crack in it revealing the dirt ground under the house.

Choosing the new carpet from the "budget" range. We only need the carpets to last for the next 2 years. They looked like office carpets, but I was happy enough with the one on the far right. We have been loving the fact it hides all marks.

Toby testing out the new carpet.

Lou x

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