Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our cosy new TV room...

The final make over.

The Fam enjoying our new room.

Evie in her nursery one last time.

This has all been moved to her new room now.

Before the final touches
This little room off our bedroom has been many things over the years, originally it was a horrid blue and pink nursery with 2 giant giraffes on the walls. 1st we turned it into a junk room, then it had its first makeover into a beautiful Beauty Room for my clients. Installing a sink and painting it pale blue and yellow, which was all the rage, with a sky blue ceiling that my Dad helped me paint, so that as the clients had their treatments they would be looking up to a nice view. A few years later my we repainted it a soft green with all white accessories. After our major reno, when a new Beauty Room was built, the room turned into an office and we painted it a cream colour.  

Then when baby # 2 came along it became her beautiful nursery, we painted it white but left the sky ceiling.
It was so nice to have her so close to us for those 1st few years, but she out grew her cot and we really wanted our own space again so we decided to move her to a bigger room and turn the room into what I hope will be its final makeover, into a cosy little TV room for us. We have kept it simply decorated, its a place where anyone can go to chill out for a while. I have borrowed some books and other pretty things to fill the shelves from my sister, just to decorate the room for a while.

Lou x

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  1. The shelves and books look great! I had forgotten how many lives that room has had. It looks like a lovely, relaxing, uncluttered room - hope you both enjoy putting your feet up for a change!