Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tiny Party Prep

The little lolly shop being set up on our very useful front table.

Our little girl had her "tiny" party on the weekend and I would say it all went very well. More photos of the actaul party to come, but here are some of the photos of all the preparation. Thanks to my sisters and parents for being so wonderful with all their help. This will be a party we will remember forever.

As usual for any of my party's, we visited the local flower markets, more just for the fun of looking. We purchased just 2 bunches of miniature pale pink roses. As seen  on my sister blog, who helped me with all the styling: pale pink roses for the party

A test run of the "Tiny Treats" table.

I wanted to see how it would all work and that I had enough plates and stands, which I borrowed extras from my Mum and sister instead of buying more.

The uncooked Lemon Merigue Pies, ready for the oven. Seeming that they where so small, I made them extra lemony with lots of zest added. They where a hit, may I add!

The tiny Trifle, ready to be topped with cream in the morning. I made raspberry jelly and added a lot of fresh strawberry puree to it. The sponge was also home made strawberry  cake to make the trifle really yummy.

The party was such fun to plan and do! ( but a lot of work too)

Lou x
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