Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Park Party for an 8 year old boy...

Finally, a chance to post the pics from our son's party in the park from several months ago. It was a great afternoon with all things park-ish!
Made from a meringue, a wafer stick, stuck together with chocolate and dusted with cocoa.

Honey crackles made by Mum! I made the little bee flags us of tape and just painted the bees on.

My sister brought along these balloons and handed one to each child at the end.

Cupcakes made by Mum too, after I had a cupcake recipe crisis the morning of the party. I then iced them added green coconut and a liitle sport decoration bought from Coles.

Chocolate cake, toped with green icing and coconut and sports chocs stich into plastic coated wire from Bunnings.

Milk arrowroots, topped with icing to look like footballs.

One of the most popular items was the healthy options of the veggie platter and small apples.
Also the frogs in a pond were at hit with the kids.

Sporty games run by Hubby. He did a great job!

Lou x

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