Sunday, May 19, 2013

Miss E button craft idea...

Whenever an item of Evie's baby clothing became outgrown and too stained to pass on, I would cut the pretty buttons off the fabric before recycling the fabric for rags. By the time Evie was ready for her big girl room, I decided to do something with all these buttons.

I purchased a white cushion cover that had thin green stitched stripes on it. I then traced on a large 'E', PVA glued the buttons on to work out the colours and sizes, then stitched them in place. I gave this to Evie on her 3rd Birthday as a final touch to her new room.

Whenever I look at it, I can remember the outfits the buttons came from and it's a great way to save those precious baby memories.

My sewing is not the best in the world!

Lou x


  1. I Love it - it's so gorgeous and such a great idea!

  2. clever and creative plus I love the story behind that E pillow!