Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cheap and cheerful Laundry Make-Over!

BEFORE - The laundry sink and splashback would have to be at least 50 years old

This was our laundry midway into it's quick, easy and free make-over. It had layers of paint peeling off, with the floral print contact stuck over the top of everything including screws. I was contemplating what to do with it, peeling off the corners  revealed the gorgeous green original old melamine/laminex type paneling behind it all.
So I scraped it all off, then used paint stripper to the rest of the sticky paint off.

I just used my existing items to decorate. To create extra storage I used IKEA shelves that used to store our CD's. I used the yellow metal sign as a colourful splash back. The sign used to hang in Toby's old bedroom as wall art.

Vintage Yellow Canary Perfume - Nan's

The green, yellow and white all look really bright and fresh, which is nice for a laundry.
Lou x

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