Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our new, old table

We finally have a new dining table. We custom made it to fit into our very narrow but long dining area. We found the table top dumped ( you guessed it) on the footpath, it was a very shabby tongue and groove slab of wood that looks like someone had used as a work bench. We searched high and low for free turned timber legs with no luck so we finally bought 4 for $10 each on eBay from closing down warehouse. We then spent about $100 on more timber for the base, screws, sandpaper,paint and varnish. So all up this new table cost $140 and oh lets say about 3 months worth of work in short snippets on the weekends. We are loving it though and now the hunt is on for 6 or 8 perfect  chairs.


Lou x
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